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A place to deposit incidents of objectification past and present


To bring awareness and inspire more women to free themselves of the countless incidents of objectification. The insidious effect of objectification on the self-esteem of women is a real factor in preventing women from reaching their potential.



When a women frees herself from the secrets that are results of objectification that have negatively affected her self esteem, she is then able to see herself in a more positive way, and she is able to behave with confidence and create positive change.

Objectification occurs repeatedly to women in their lifetime. Tell your story to free yourself of the erosive effect the secrets have on your self-esteem. By sharing your story, you inspire others to do the same.

Participate and open the conversation.


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Singer, songwriter, actress and LGBT rights activist.

Feminist, journalist, and social political activist

Professional tennis player who is currently ranked world No. 5 in the WTA singles ranking

News presenter & author who co-hosts MSNBC’s weekday morning broadcast show Morning Joe.

Stand-up comedian, actress, fashion designer, author, and singer-songwriter.

Rock singer, songwriter, composer, musician, record producer and occasional actress.

How I stopped objectification with my iPhone

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-Norma Kamali

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